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How Much is a Sea Scooter?

Curious about how much is a sea scooter? Well, this is a common question for those who are interested in purchasing this underwater gadget. 

Sea scooters, also known as underwater scooters or diver propulsion vehicles (DPVs), come in different types, sizes, and models, which means that the cost can vary significantly depending on various factors. 

In this blog post, we'll delve into the world of sea scooters and provide you with a comprehensive guide to their cost, including the factors that affect their price and where to buy them. But before that, let's first see why you might want to buy one.

Why Buy a Sea Scooter?

Well, here are some of the reasons:

Faster Travel

One of the most significant benefits of owning a sea scooter is the ability to travel faster and more efficiently through the water. Using a sea scooter can help you cover more ground and explore more of the underwater world in a shorter amount of time.

Enhanced Experience

Using a sea scooter can make your underwater experience more enjoyable and exciting. You can glide effortlessly through the water and get up close and personal with marine life that you may have missed otherwise.

Improved Safety

A sea scooter can also improve your safety while diving or snorkeling. If you need to move quickly away from a dangerous or uncomfortable situation, a sea scooter can help you do so more efficiently.

Suitable for All 

Sea scooters are suitable for all levels of experience, from novice snorkelers to experienced technical divers. Different models are available to suit different skill levels and diving activities.

Saves Energy

Using a sea scooter can help save energy, allowing you to conserve your air supply and dive for longer periods. It can also help reduce fatigue and strain on your muscles, making it easier to explore the underwater world.

Fun and Exciting

Finally, owning a sea scooter is just plain fun! It can add a new dimension to your underwater adventures and make your dives and snorkeling trips more memorable and exciting.

How Much is a Sea Scooter?

Sea scooters come at a range of prices, depending on their features and quality. The price of a sea scooter can range from $300 to $2,000. Here is a breakdown of the different price ranges:


Sea scooters in this price range are usually recreational models designed for shallow dives. They are smaller and less powerful than professional models, but they are perfect for beginners who want to explore the underwater world.


Sea scooters in this price range are more powerful and have longer battery life than recreational models. They are suitable for intermediate divers who want to explore deeper waters.


Sea scooters in this price range are professional models designed for experienced divers who need to cover long distances or navigate strong currents. They are larger and more powerful than recreational models and can reach greater depths.

How Much is the Asiwo Manta Sea Scooter?

The Asiwo Manta sea scooter comes in three versions, each with different battery options, run times, and prices. Here are the details of each model:

Asiwo Manta 

This is the standard version of the Asiwo Manta and comes with one 126Wh battery that provides a run time of up to 45 minutes. The Manta has a price of $399.

Asiwo Manta (Dual Battery)

The Asiwo Manta (dual battery) comes with two 126Wh batteries, which provides a longer run time of up to 90 minutes. This version is ideal for longer dives or snorkeling trips, and is priced at $599.

Asiwo Manta Pro 

The Asiwo Manta Pro comes with a higher-capacity 252Wh battery, providing a run time of up to 90 minutes. This version offers more power and is designed for more experienced divers or those who require a more powerful sea scooter. The price of the Manta Pro is $549.

Sea Scooter


Run Time


Asiwo Manta

1 x 126Wh Battery

45 Minutes


Asiwo Manta (Dual)

2 x 126Wh Battery

90 Minutes


Asiwo Manta Pro

1 x 252Wh Battery

90 Minutes


Factors Affecting the Price of a Sea Scooter

Here are some of the most important factors that can affect the price of a sea scooter.

Type and Size

The type and size of the sea scooter can significantly affect its price. Sea scooters come in different types, including recreational, professional, and technical models. 

Recreational models are generally less expensive and are designed for casual use, while professional and technical models are more advanced and durable, making them ideal for more experienced divers. 

The size of the sea scooter can also affect the price, with larger models generally being more expensive than smaller models.


The power of a sea scooter can also affect its price. 

More powerful models with higher maximum speeds and longer battery life are generally more expensive than less powerful models. This is because they require more advanced components and technology to produce the higher level of performance.


Sea scooters come with various features that can also impact their cost. For example, some models may include additional features such as LED lights or depth gauges. More advanced features like these can increase the price of the sea scooter.

Quality and Durability

The quality and durability of the sea scooter can also affect its price. High-quality materials and construction, such as corrosion-resistant coatings and rugged outer shells, can increase the cost of the scooter. 

However, investing in a higher-quality, durable model can provide you with a more reliable and long-lasting sea scooter.


The brand of the sea scooter can also affect its price. Well-known and reputable brands with a history of producing high-quality and reliable products are often more expensive than lesser-known brands.


The length and type of warranty offered by the manufacturer can also impact the price of the sea scooter. A longer warranty or a more comprehensive warranty can increase the cost of the scooter.

Where to Buy a Sea Scooter?

There are several places where you can buy a sea scooter. Here are some of the most common options:

  • Online retailers: Many online retailers, such as Amazon and DiveInn, sell sea scooters. Buying online can be convenient, as you can compare prices and features easily.

  • Dive shops: Many dive shops sell sea scooters, and they can offer advice on which model is best for your needs. 

  • Specialty retailers: There are also specialty retailers that sell sea scooters and other diving equipment. These retailers often have a wider selection of models and can offer more specialized advice.


A sea scooter can be a fun and useful gadget for anyone who enjoys exploring the underwater world. The price of a sea scooter will depend on its features, quality, and brand. 

Recreational models can cost as little as $300, while professional models can cost up to $2,000. When buying a sea scooter, consider factors such as size, power, features, and warranty, and choose a reputable retailer that can offer advice and support. 

If you want to learn more about sea scooters, check out this detailed guide here. Happy diving!

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