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“It is smaller and far more portable than others I looked at. I was happy with how fast it pulled even me through the water at 230lbs. The battery charges much faster than I expected. The design is really nice and make maneuvering underwater very smooth.”

Bill Smith


“We have been trying for a long time to choose which water scooter to buy and take on vacation at the sea. The one that was not expensive, reliable and easy to manage. After all we opted for Asiwo. We were greatly satisfied with our choice.”



“Have only used it once but so far so good. May consider buying a second one soon.”

Joseph Kenhan

swimming with manta underwater scooter


Manta S Underwater Scooter - Conquer The Ocean

The Manta S Underwater Scooter lets you explore the deepest of waters for up to 90 minutes without any effort at all, thanks to the powerful battery-powered propellers. Instantly switch speed, maintain balance, retain direction, and go anywhere. Experience what true freedom feels like!

Safety Certification

Gopro Mount

99ft Max Depth


Max Running Time

3-Speed Gear

Max Speed 5ft/s


Swim Anywhere

The Manta S Underwater scooter can be used in waters as deep as 50m (164ft) so that you can explore the sea the way it deserves to be explored! You can swim alongside the fishes with a speed of up to 1.5m/s (4.9ft/s) and can instantly regulate your speed with an easy 3-gear mechanism.

Safety First

Designed to be safe for both adults and kids, the propellers are fully encased to prevent any contact with the user. If you lose your grip, the scooter automatically shuts down and floats to the water surface. It also has a safety lock to prevent any misuse

Portable And Lightweight

Weighing at just 9.7lbs, the Manta S underwater scooter is lighter than even water. Thanks to its feathery, buoyant build, it automatically floats to the water surface when not in use. The compact size makes it possible to carry it in a handbag. You can even carry it on a plane!

Capture Your Moment

The Manta S underwater scooter comes with a built-in GoPro mounting bracket so that you can film your marine experience and preserve your precious memories.

One-Hand Mode Underwater Scooter

The Manta S underwater scooter allows you to wave at a shark or touch a turtle, thanks to its ingenious one-hand mode. As you hold the scooter with one hand, the motor on your side generates more power to retain balance and direction, freeing up your other hand to maximize the fun.

Manta Underwater Scooter Battery

The 126Wh Manta battery is compact and light. It can give you a range of 1.8 Kms (1.1 Miles) in fast mode, and a run time of up to 45mins!

Manta Pro Sea Scooter Battery

The 252Wh Manta PRO battery is built to endure. It can travel up to 3.6 Kms (2.2 Miles) in fast mode and has a runtime of 90 minutes!


EL-SS01 / EL-SS01 plus


DC 29.4V / 2A


5.0Ah 25.2V 126Wh

Max speed


Max depth

99ft / 30m


EL-SS01Power / EL-SS01DPower


DC 29.4V / 2A


10.0Ah 25.2V 252Wh

Max speed


Max depth

99ft / 30m


Manta Pro

Run time

45 mins

Charging time

2-3 hours



Net weight

7.7 lbs / 3.5kg



Run time

90 mins

Charging time

4-5 hours



Net weight

9.7 lbs / 4.4kg




Manta Pro

What Comes In The Box?

  • Underwater Scooter
  • Battery Pack
  • Charing Cable with US/EU Plug
  • Adapter
  • Protection Leash
  • Waterproof Bag
  • User Manual


Main Body Size

Manta: 527×213×173 mm /20.7×8.4×6.8 inch

Manta Pro: 527×213×258 mm /20.7×8.4×10.1 inch

Operating Time

45mins (Slow Mode),
30mins (Middle Mode)
20mins (Fast Mode)

Speed Mode

Speed Mode Slow mode: Speed - 2ft/s (0.6m/s), Thrust - 4.5kgs/9.9lbs

Middle mode: Speed - 3.3ft/s (1m/s), Thrust - 6.5kgs/14.3lbs

Fast mode: Speed - 5ft/s (1.5m/s), Thrust - 9kgs/19.8lbs

Charging Voltage



30 meters

Input Voltage

AC 110 - 220V 50-/60Hz


Up to 9 kgs / 19.84lb


7.7lbs/3.5kgs (including 126Wh battery)

9.7lbs/4.4kg (including 252Wh battery)

Output Voltage

DC 29.4V/2A

Operating Temperature


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Polly Wang
sehr schöner schneller Scooter

sehr schöner schneller Scooter, drei Geschwindigkeitsstufen bei längerer Nutzung stärkeren Akku dazu bestellen, Service 1a bei Problemen wird sofort geholfen kann ich nur empfehlen

Giuseppe Quarto
Lots of Fun - Better than expected

This is one of the few instances where a product is MUCH better than expected.Only used it in the swimming pool so far, but it is a huge step up from the bulkier and heavier single propeller style. Also much more maneuverable.I originally purchased the smaller version for the kids. It was so much fun, that I bought this one for me.

Nikita Boone

This has been perfect for the kids. It is nice to be able to take off the float for in the pool. (Works great either way, some kids just like it off) We bought it for our trip to Mexico and it is a hit with the kids and adults. The kids ask all day of the battery is charged so they can use it. Would be nice to have a second battery b

Lorrie Dvoracek
A lot of fun and better than expected

I bought this underwater scooter as a last minute gift for my kids. I did a lot of reading about these products and was not really sure what to expect. Now, after personally using the scooter (wasn't my initial plan) and watching the kids use it for days on end, I can say that this was a great purchase.A few things to mention for those interested in buying one of these:- They are really quite powerful. The more you can submerge in the water, the more effective they are. If you keep you head above water, then they do drag.- The battery lasted about 30 minutes for me (just under 200 pounds) and around 45 minutes for the kids. So, your mileage may vary :)- The battery snuggly installs so even though the lower battery cover feels like it will open easily, it doesn't have any impact on the scooter itself.- The batteries charge pretty fast after they are initially charged. We used the scooter every day for 10 days straight and it took about 1.5 to 2 hours to fully charge the battery at the end of the day.- You have to "rinse" the scooters propeller units (individually - I used a bucket) for 20+ minutes after using them. This just becomes part of the maintenance of the scooter post use and also serves to clean it up if it is sandy, etc. We used it in the ocean so it definitely served to rinse off the salt water.- Be prepared to have people ask you what it is :) I must have answered that question 20+ times as the kids came out of the water.


This thing is cool. Kids love it in the pool and fun around the lake too. I liked how there was a warranty. This company is legit. Saved a couple hundred bucks going with them over other brands. Would definitely recommend for anyone looking for something new and fun for the water.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have some questions? Contact us.

What if I accidentally lose grip over the handles?

The ASIWO underwater scooters have been designed while considering all types of risks that may arise during their use. In case you lose your grip, your underwater scooter would automatically shut off and float to the surface for you to grab it again.

How long does it take to charge the underwater scooter?

You may need to charge it for 2 to 3 hours depending on the battery size and running time. The detailed instructions come up with the product.

Which underwater scooter would be sufficient for a 15-minute dive?

For a 15-minute dive, the Manta underwater scooter would be perfect for diving on all speeds. Though it is the most budget-friendly option, it offers incredible performance under water.

Is the ASIWO underwater scooter safe for kids?

If a child knows how to dive, it is safe to give them the ASIWO underwater scooter to be used in a controlled swimming pool setting. For oceans and seas, the product should only be used by trained scuba divers or enthusiasts with proper gear.

Can muddy water or sand affect the functionality of underwater scooter?

No, the motors are completely sand proof. However, it is recommended to rinse the underwater scooter if you dive in salty waters because long-term deposition of salt might mess up the battery.

How to use the ASIWO underwater scooter?

Just turn it one, grab it by both your hands, and direct it to move forward. You can regulate your speed by the gears and can even use the scooter by one hand.

Is the underwater scooter waterproof?

Yes, the ASIWO underwater scooters have been designed and tested for continual use under water. All components are waterproof and the underwater scooter has been tested to operate up to a depth of 50m (164ft).

Can I take the underwater scooter on a plane?

The Manta and Manta S underwater scooters have a battery capacity of 126Wh and 252Wh respectively. While most airlines allow tools and appliances below 160Wh of power, some airlines might have different regulations. We suggest you consult your airline before taking your underwater scooter on board.