ASIWO was founded in 2008 and has been remaining manufacturing water sports equipment for more than a decade. Its latest innovation, ASIWO Manta, which is an underwater thruster, has been sold to over twenty countries and has established a solid presence in Europe and North America. Do you love sea? With ASIWO, you will love it even more!


ASIWO is a customer-centric brand.
From designing and manufacturing to selling and servicing, whatever we do, we do it with a user-centric approach to meet the needs of every single person who buys from us. Our premium products meet all expectations of our customers - and then go a stepahead to give them more than they hoped (and paid) for.Be it quality, performance, safety, reliability, durability, or value for money - we striveto earn and then retain the trust of our valued customers.


If you can't swim but want to chip in the fun, ASIWO is there for you.lf you can swim but want to do more than just that, ASIWO is there for you.lf you're a professional but want to explore the sea the way it deserves, ASIWO is there for you.We love the sea. And we want you to love it too!