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from Carla

Was great fun to swim with the underwater scooter. It's quite powerful and can make you swim underwater without any efforts.

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from Elizabeth Swims

We are going jet powered in this video. Check out the cool Water toys from Asiwo.

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from Dustin Dunnill

Great for getting down in the coral at speed and getting some awesome fish footage or just letting the kids have fun.

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from Chew On This

Cool sea scooter makes me a human submarine.

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The Manta SeaScooter lets you explore the deepest of waters for up to 35 minutes without any effort at all, thanks to the powerful battery-powered propellers. Instantly switch speed, maintain balance, retain direction, and go anywhere. Experience what true freedom feels like!

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from Elizabeth Swims

Walking on the bottom of the pool like I was meant to be there.
I wish I could do this all the time.

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It's Ok, but short accu-time

MANTA Battery
Jörg Barthold
verry cool

Lange tauchen macht Spaß:)


Verre satisfied! The 3 speeds is great! You can operate and still ging by using one hand. Had the power to pull you down. We Rent them out to our costumers in our snorkel shop and i hope it will keep having the quality that it has now. Same goes for the batttery. Highly recommend! The service and contact is also verry good!

MANTA Battery
Pro battery seascooter

Only usi g it for a few day's now. But works realy well. It will keep up for at leest 45 min. Hope it will stay that way after a wile. There is water getting in somehow. I think it goes through the side of the battery. Nothing will happen. Only that we keep it straight en after switching with a other one so we put it on his side so the water is getting out and then putting it back up again.

Duo charger seascooter battery

Very handy a doublet charger for the battery. Especialy if you have more batteries to charge at the same time like us.

Fun for the family!

The first one (yellow) was so popular, we bought an extra battery… A few weeks later we had to buy a second one (blue). The grandkids LOVE these things! Excellent build quality and very easy to use. Our three year old grandson can easily control the swim board. The kids can tow grownups in their floaties. It was the hit of the summer! It would be great if a storage bag/case were available…

Love it 😊


Very nice

Asiwo Manta Underwater Scooter

Great Customer Service!!

Hi, bought the scooter from Australia. Despite the time difference the communication was great. Also I wanted a colour that wasn't available at the time of purchase and ASIWO arranged to get that one for me. Very pleased with the customer service. A++...We haven't used the scooter as ye as it is quite cold.. will review when we get a chance to use it

Asiwo Manta Underwater Scooter ( TEST )
Test Name

Test body review

It’s been too bloody cold to use it at the moment , the swimming holes around my area are almost frozen over

perfect for Grandsons 5 and 7 years

While the manufacturer says for 12 years or older, the size weight and power output make it very suitable for kids younger that 12, provided they wear a PFD and are adult supervised. Also, we added a paddleboard style leash. The battery lasts about thirty minutes which is ok because is forces the boys to take breaks while recharging, and sets defined intervals for them to take turns.


I have a disability ergo limited energy. I plan to take this electric kickboard with the next time we go to Castaway Cay. I can finally go on that snorkeling trail without fear that I'll run out of energy partway through! I am looking forward to it.

Everything looks good and works well. Brilliant device.

Perfect for my youngest

My 5 year old can't swim on his own yet, so we've been using the kid's pool floaties that are a vest with inflated arm floats. Unfortunately, when we want to play with other toys that move like a water scooter we have, someone has to remain stationary with him. What is great about this kickboard is that it lets him hang on and scoot around on his own. Grabbing onto the sides and using the controls is super simple and he had no problem immediately picking it up. Another nice thing for a younger one is that it isn't super fast, so he doesn't have any fear about using it like he does with some other motorized toys we've gotten him in the past. It seems to float well, and is perfect for use in a pool, though we've yet to try it on a lake I think it would be fine there in the kind of water you'd allow your child into.

My only wish is that this had the same battery pack as our larger water scooter from the same manufacturer, and while it isn't a big deal, which would have been a really nice bonus. Otherwise, it has plenty of power for what it is, and when the battery dies, it is still a perfectly functional kickboard.

Asiwo Swimming Kickboard Electirc

I’m a regular lap swimmer and sometimes use a foam kickboard, but I ordered this electric kickboard by Asiwo to use at the lake for fun.

This came partially charged and I charged it up, which took a couple hours or so. The charger uses a proprietary plug and a transformer block. The LED light changes from red to green indicating charged. The battery fits inside a sealed housing.

Control is simple and easy. Right hand inputs increase the prop speed and left hand inputs decrease the speed. If you release one side, the power to the motor stops. This is designed for ages 12+.

Weight capacity is 265lbs. Battery life depends on speed and weight. Lighter weight + lower speed = longer performance.

I’ll be using this at the pool I swim at to see how well it can pull me. I’m a big guy, so I don’t think it will be very fast.

This is something that’d be nice for kids in a pool party, may have some application as a kick board, with and without power and might be useful for snorkeling, although I’ve not used it for that.

The device seems well made and durable. The owners manual instructs that you should charge the battery monthly!? Also, don’t leave the battery in the kickboard.

I will report back if there are any issues with this, but so far I like it and it works pretty well.

Fun water scooter

This is a fun scooter for any age. After getting acquainted with it, I do want a bit more speed. It is not slow but don't expect to zoom along like a Navy Seal. Surprisingly the battery lasts a fairly long time. It performs really well for the lighter children. I would like a second battery but they are a bit expensive and the charge time is not too bad.

Fun underwater scooter. Great for snorkeling

I first used the Asiwo Underwater Scooter in a pool to try it out. I was impressed with the thrust which was delivered. The scooter has 3 available speeds which are easily changed by way of the finger triggers. The video shows me traveling 3 lengths of the pool on slow, med, and fast respectively. I found the medium speed to be nice and used fast for short bursts. After the pool trail, I headed to the ocean. My observations are as follows: It’s kind of awkward not having your hands free to use them to swim, especially when dealing with getting past the surf zone. The conditions were very surgey and the scooter was unable to propel me in certain circumstances. I think that I could have out swam the scooter (with fins) against the current. I was wearing a full wetsuit (no weightbelt) and I was able to dive using the power of the scooter only even though I was quite buoyant. I was able to hold my breath for longer not working so hard to swim to the bottom. To start the scooter it is necessary to hold both the left and right trigger. However, after initiated it is allowable to remove one hand to equalize if needed without having the scooter cut power. It was relatively easy to operate with one hand for a short period of time. I was out for about 20 minutes (not continuous use, but often) and traveled the route shown spending time around some rocks. I returned with about 25% battery capacity. While I was out I notice that some sea weeds had became tangled around the propellers. They seemed to be spinning okay and I was unable to remove the covers in the water. When I returned home I had to use a punch and tap lightly with a hammer to remove the covers. Then it was relatively straightforward to remove the debris. All and all, its a fun thing in the right conditions. Perhaps the novelty will wear off after a while and I will get tired of dragging it along and just swim.

So cool, can’t wait until it warms up a bit more!

Such a great idea, a battery power swimming board! About 7#, well made and variable speeds depending on your pleasure. The grandkids can’t wait to visit. We’re going on a beach trip soon, contemplating carrying it onto the plane or possibly just carrying the battery on the cabin w us. The only downside I can see is the desire to have more than one board 😂

This Underwater Scooter Is Beyond Awesome!

Let’s start off by saying if you have one of these underwater scooters your family isn’t leaving the pool! We even had to kick the neighbors out of the pool due to them over extending their stay by using this scooter!

This underwater scooter is action packed. It came securely packaged in three boxes to ensure a safe travel. The good thing is there’s no assembly required. Once you unpack, read the included manual, charge the battery fully and then get in the water. This scooter comes with a battery, a charger, a travel bag and a safety strap so it doesn’t get away from you.

This scooter has three speeds. We tested all three. The low speed literally will last you over an hour of usage. The second speed is a tad over forty minutes and the high speed which is over a mph is around twenty minutes. Changing speeds is very easy with the triggers and it has a clear battery indicator on the scooter showing the remaining power. We highly recommend rinsing the scooter off once done with fresh water to flush away and chlorine or salt water that could damage the scooter. This is an important step to follow in the manual. Lastly secure the battery with the clamp patches before using.

The only downsides are the price (but with the features similar models are around this price) and the time it takes to charge the battery. We highly recommend getting another battery from the company to keep the fun going. Other then that this scooter is awesome and my family really enjoys it. Hope my family will let’s me to use it again :)

Formisano G.

Motore asiwo stupendo mio figlio di 7 anni lo usa da venti giorni è si diverte tantissimo un consiglio è di comprare una seconda batteria per allungare il tempo di divertimento dei bimbi
Super consigliato

Top Gerät bin zufrieden

Super Gerät bin zufrieden

Super gadget !

"Nous l'avions acheté pour nos vacances aux Maldives, c'était génial.
Simple d'utilisation, de bonne qualité, je recommande vivement.
Détail important, le SAV semble être en Allemagne, et si le stock allemand est vide, il se réapprovisionnent en Chine. Donc les délais d'attente sont un peu longs en cas de problème.
Toutefois, le SAV est super ! Je suis agréablement surpris de l'attention qu'ils portent à leur client.
Je recommande donc le produit, la marque et les équipes SAV !"

divertente, buona velocità anche con uomo 80 kg, fornitore efficiente

Il foritore è gentile e efficiente. Provato in acqua di mare, molto divertente. Disinvolto nel trasportare uomo 80 kg, anche a traino con donna di 50 kg. Le tre vocità sono comode, la virata rapida. Ottimo acquisto.

Tolles Gerät!

Gerät macht super viel Spaß.