ASIWO MAKO Electric Kickboard - Asiwo Sports
ASIWO MAKO Electric Kickboard - Asiwo Sports
Asiwo Mako Electric Kickboard - Asiwo Sports
Asiwo Mako Electric Kickboard - Asiwo Sports
Asiwo Mako Electric Kickboard - Asiwo Sports
ASIWO MAKO Electric Kickboard - Asiwo Sports
ASIWO MAKO Electric Kickboard - Asiwo Sports
ASIWO MAKO Electric Kickboard - Asiwo Sports
ASIWO MAKO Electric Kickboard - Asiwo Sports

Asiwo Mako Elektro-Kickboard

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ASIWO MAKO turns any moment by the pool or beach into a great opportunity for fun and quality family time. Now even the kids can have a exciting gaming time in water.


Buoyancy [265lb]
Max Running Time [60 Mins]
Max Speed 5 ft/s
3 Speed Modes
Feathery Light [5.7lbs]
Easy User Controls
Safety Certifications
Eye Catching Design


The MAKO electric kick board is perfectly suitable for users of all ages. It features a fully encased propeller system as well as rounded edges to prevent injuries. Moreover, an auto shut-off mechanism turns off the propulsion if you accidentally let go of the device, ensuring that it does not continue to move on its own.


The Asiwo Mako electric kickboard has been engineered to be compact, portable and feathery light in weight. Weighing only 5.7lbs (2.6kg) and measuring just 19x15x6” (49x38x15cm). Whether you're headed to the beach, lake, or pool, the Mako will always be easy to carry, transport, and move around.

Bring More Fun to The Whole Family

MAKO Kick Borad facilitates enjoyable and inventive interaction among family members spanning various age ranges. It stands as an exceptional training tool designed to aid novice swimmers in conquering their fears, improving their skills, and achieving water balance mastery.


The 36V 2.5Ah Lithium-ion battery uses ultra-efficient 18650 cells to provide up to an hour of thrilling water experience on a single charge. And, with a quick 3-4 hour charge time, you can get back on the water faster than ever.

ASIWO MAKO - More Fun in Water!


Simply rest your chest on this electric kickboard, press and hold the buttons on both sides to start and release any button to stop.


Three Gear Speeds

Propel at a remarkable speed, the ASIWO MAKO can now push up to 1.5 m/s at max. 3-speed adjustable to meet the needs of different people.

8kgs Strong Propulsion

Featured a 36V 300W propeller to ensure a thrilling and exciting experience on the water.


Amazing Bouyancy

The Asiwo Mako swimming electric kickboard's advanced buoyant technology makes sure you don’t sink into the water and can easily achieve a balance while zipping through it. It is rated to hold up to 265lb (120kg) of user weight, and is therefore a great choice for the whole family.


MAKO Kickboard Specification

Model MAKO
Main Body Size 487 * 380 * 155mm / 19.2 * 4.9 * 6.1 inch
Operating Temperature -10℃~40℃
Weight 5.7lbs/2.6kgs (including battery)
Speed Mode Slow/Middle/Fast
Slow mode: Speed - 2ft/s, Runing time - 60mins, Thrust - 3.5kgf
Middle mode: Speed - 3.3ft/s, Runing time - 30mins, Thrust - 5.5kgf
Fast mode: Speed - 5ft/s, Runing time - 18mins, Thrust - 8kgf
Manta Operating Time 60mins (Slow Mode)
35mins (Middle Mode)
18mins (Fast Mode)
Thrust Up to 9 kgs / 19.84lbs.

MAKO Battery Specification

Battery Li-ion 18650 37V/2.5A
Rated Capacity 2500mAH
Rated Energy 92.5WH
Charging Time 3 - 4 hours
Battery Weigh 0.9kg

Charger Specification

Input Voltage AC 110 - 220V 50-/60Hz
Output Voltage DC 42V/1A
Weight 35g

  • MAKO Kick Board
  • Battery Pack
  • Adapter
  • User Manual

What Online Reviewers Say

from Elizabeth Swims

Jet Powered Kick Board


The COOLEST Water Toy!! ASIWO MAKO Electric Kickboard

from ASIWO

🎉Welcome to the newest member of the Asiwo family - Mako, the water electric kickboard.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Fun for the family!

The first one (yellow) was so popular, we bought an extra battery… A few weeks later we had to buy a second one (blue). The grandkids LOVE these things! Excellent build quality and very easy to use. Our three year old grandson can easily control the swim board. The kids can tow grownups in their floaties. It was the hit of the summer! It would be great if a storage bag/case were available…


I have a disability ergo limited energy. I plan to take this electric kickboard with the next time we go to Castaway Cay. I can finally go on that snorkeling trail without fear that I'll run out of energy partway through! I am looking forward to it.

Everything looks good and works well. Brilliant device.

perfect for Grandsons 5 and 7 years

While the manufacturer says for 12 years or older, the size weight and power output make it very suitable for kids younger that 12, provided they wear a PFD and are adult supervised. Also, we added a paddleboard style leash. The battery lasts about thirty minutes which is ok because is forces the boys to take breaks while recharging, and sets defined intervals for them to take turns.

Perfect for my youngest

My 5 year old can't swim on his own yet, so we've been using the kid's pool floaties that are a vest with inflated arm floats. Unfortunately, when we want to play with other toys that move like a water scooter we have, someone has to remain stationary with him. What is great about this kickboard is that it lets him hang on and scoot around on his own. Grabbing onto the sides and using the controls is super simple and he had no problem immediately picking it up. Another nice thing for a younger one is that it isn't super fast, so he doesn't have any fear about using it like he does with some other motorized toys we've gotten him in the past. It seems to float well, and is perfect for use in a pool, though we've yet to try it on a lake I think it would be fine there in the kind of water you'd allow your child into.

My only wish is that this had the same battery pack as our larger water scooter from the same manufacturer, and while it isn't a big deal, which would have been a really nice bonus. Otherwise, it has plenty of power for what it is, and when the battery dies, it is still a perfectly functional kickboard.

Yoga addict
Asiwo Swimming Kickboard Electirc

I’m a regular lap swimmer and sometimes use a foam kickboard, but I ordered this electric kickboard by Asiwo to use at the lake for fun.

This came partially charged and I charged it up, which took a couple hours or so. The charger uses a proprietary plug and a transformer block. The LED light changes from red to green indicating charged. The battery fits inside a sealed housing.

Control is simple and easy. Right hand inputs increase the prop speed and left hand inputs decrease the speed. If you release one side, the power to the motor stops. This is designed for ages 12+.

Weight capacity is 265lbs. Battery life depends on speed and weight. Lighter weight + lower speed = longer performance.

I’ll be using this at the pool I swim at to see how well it can pull me. I’m a big guy, so I don’t think it will be very fast.

This is something that’d be nice for kids in a pool party, may have some application as a kick board, with and without power and might be useful for snorkeling, although I’ve not used it for that.

The device seems well made and durable. The owners manual instructs that you should charge the battery monthly!? Also, don’t leave the battery in the kickboard.

I will report back if there are any issues with this, but so far I like it and it works pretty well.

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