Politique de remboursement

Please read the following terms and conditions thoroughly before requesting a return or exchange.

Our return policy is extremely reasonable, please take some time to read through this to avoid confusion in the future.

ASIWO only handles warranty requests for units and parts, purchased in their territory, that were purchased from authorized retailers. In case a warranty claim is made for units purchased outside the territory or from unauthorized dealers, repair and labor costs may apply. The decision to accept such case is subject to ASIWO judgment and approval.LIMITED WARRANTY

  • ALWAYS inspect to ensure the product works properly every time before use. Warranty of this product does not cover any damages due to misuse.

  • Failure to follow the user(s) instructions on packaging and/or user(s) manual may result in damages or loss of your cameras including but not limited to any user’s personal items, all of which are not covered under warranty of this product.

  • Use at your own risk. Manufacturer(s) and/or suppliers/agents are not responsible for any damages/repairs, loss to cameras/electronic items including but not limited to any user’s personal items directly and/or indirectly resulted in the use of this product. Damage(s) resulting from any use, misuse, accident, and normal wear and tear are understandably not covered under this product warranty nor be responsible by manufacturer(s) and/or suppliers/agents.

Terms and Conditions

All products purchased through our website must fulfill these conditions in order to be entitled to a return/exchange.

If the customer wants to return or exchange the goods for his own reasons:

  1. Unopened & Unused Merchandise (Electric Scooters/sea scooters Only)
  • You can cancel your order if it hasn’t left our warehouse, get in touch with our customer service for an order cancellation. No fees will be incurred.

  • If the package has left our warehouse, you can either reject it on delivery (no return shipping fee) or contact us within 7 days of signing for it and request a return (return shipping fee to be paid by you). And we will charge 18% of the order amount as a restocking fee.

  • A restocking fee is charged due to the “Free” shipping that ASIWORIDE offers to our customers. While you are seeing that it is “free shipping”, ASIWO actually covers the shipping costs for your purchase. Should you change your mind after a successful delivery due to any reason, it is only fair that you should cover the delivery fees for the product to be returned to us.

  • The restocking fees will be deducted from the total amount before the refund is made back to your payment method.

  1. Opened & Unused Merchandise (Electric Scooters/sea scooters Only)

  • Opened items are returned within 7 days of signing for them by contacting us to request a return (return fee is paid by you). We will charge 20% of the order amount as a restocking fee.

  • This is enought time for you to find out if the sea scooter arrives in a good condition and every component is working as it should.

  • The merchandise is not used (brand new).

  • Merchandise must be undamaged and in the original packaging and plastic protective wraps.

  • The restocking fees will be deducted from the total amount before the refund is made back to your payment method.

Refusal of Returns/Exchanges

ASIWO can choose to rejection Return/Exchange your return/exchange request if it fails to meet the basic criteria mentioned above as well as the following:

  1. Electric sea scooters
  • Failure to apply to us for return within the specified time (within 7 days of signing for the goods).

  • The goods are not brand new (used).

  • Commodities have mud and scratches that affect secondary sales.

  • Merchandise lacks original packaging and protection.

The customer is responsible for ensuring that the product arrives undamaged and in working condition unless reported prior to the return/exchange. Products returned in heavily used condition, with un-reported damages or without original packaging will be refused.

  1. Accessories and Spare Parts
  • This return/exchange policy does not apply to smaller components like additional accessories or spare parts purchased.

  • If the accessory is not working upon arrival, ASIWO will be responsible to replace a brand new accessory for you at no cost.

  • It is the customer’s responsibility to make sure that the accessory/spare part purchase is compatible with your sea scooter.

  • ASIWO is not responsible if you purchase a spare part for a sea scooter outside of what we sell.

  • Accessories and spare parts are not subjected to any returns and refunds.

  • If a return for accessories or spare parts has been arranged by one of us, 20% restocking fees will apply.

  1. Conditions of the product and/or packaging are poor.

  2. No reasonable cause for return/exchange.

  3. No prior acceptance and approval for the return/exchange.

  • Without contacting us prior to sending back the unit in order to resolve any product-related issues, ASIWO reserves the right to reject the package and refuse the return/exchange.

  1. Product has been used for competitions, rentals, or commercial purposes.

  2. Refurbished or Discounted.

  • Any product going through warehouse sale or is refurbished is sold at incredibly low prices.

  • And while there is a warranty for all the important components on your refurbished sea scooter, we do not accept returns after usage on the refurbished units.


ASIWO works really hard to ensure you get your products at the finest quality. We want to be responsible and fair to you as well. Here are some exceptions that there may not be any fees incurred to you, should you choose to apply for a return/exchange.

  1. Items Damaged During Transit
  • While we take every reasonable precaution to ensure that products are well-packed, damage can occur during shipment from our warehouse to your destination.

  • Shipping oversized large items across the country can incur some scuffs around the box, which is normal for all shipping companies across the United States. The purpose of the box is to ensure the unit inside is well protected. If your products are damaged during transit(Excluding Box Damage):

  • Please refuse delivery and have the driver note the refusal reason as “damaged”.

  • If you are unable to refuse the damaged shipment or if freight damage is concealed, notify us and the freight company immediately.

  • Shipping-related damages must be reported to the freight company and to us within 7 days of receipt of shipment.

  • Take pictures of the damage and ask the freight company for a confirmation or claim number.

  • Open a support ticket with ASIWO describing the damage, including photos, videos, and confirmation number from the freight company. Do not throw away the original packaging.

  1. Returning Products for Warranty Claims

Your FUTURA product (purchased on the Website or through an authorized retailer) has a limited 1 Year/6-months warranty covering parts due to manufacturer defect.

If a manufacturer defect arises during the Warranty Period, ASIWO will cover the costs for the returned unit to be shipped to us for repairs.

  1. Exchange: Sending a replacement unit AFTER the returned unit comes back 

We are more than willing to ship out the replacement sea scooter at the earliest possible time once the returned unit gets back to us. However, please understand that the process will take time. If you are at our physical store, we are more than willing to speed up the process almost instantly. Shipping requires time and we do not have control over transit time.

If you choose not to wait for the exchange, we are more than willing to offer you a full refund when the unit has returned back to us.


  • Step 1: Ensure that you have met all return request criteria.

  • Step 2: Contact us to request a return/exchange.

  • You will need to provide us with an order number, state the reason for the return or exchange, and provide us with all necessary documentation and pictures.

  • Step 3: After the application is approved, send the item to us.

  • Pack the Product in original packaging and wrapping to ensure the Product will be returned without damage. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that the product does not arrive damaged.

  • Step 4: Awaiting refund or exchange.

  • Once the Products are received and verified, we will process the refund/exchange or store credit within 5 business days.

*Please note that applying does not mean approval. ASIWO reserves the right to deny any application should there be any reason to do so.*

*Please also do note that products purchased through an authorized retailer must follow the return policies of the retailer and cannot be returned to ASIWO directly.*

Returns & Exchanges - Explained

At the expense of convenience and providing customer satisfaction, we offer free shipping for orders of our products.

However, shipping is actually not free, ASIWO absorbs the shipping fee and pays for it on your behalf. That means we take returns very seriously. 1 shipping trip of an electric sea scooter (a battery product), will cost upwards of $150 per trip.

On top of that, we do not sell returned products. There is intense labor involved in a returned product, we have to inspect the entire returned sea scooter in and out. This is not even including of handling, repair, or service fees for all of these troubles.

We will not charge you all these additional fees as we aim to provide top-notch customer service and support. To keep it fair for you as well as us, all we ask is for you to cover the 3rd party costs incurred such as shipping and taxes. (Should you choose to do a return/exchange)

Please be fair to us. We are just humans working behind the scenes and around the clock. We genuinely try to do a good job serving every rider. ASIWO has never raised a single cent of investment, bank loans – We have been self-funded since day one, growing by serving 1 customer at a time.

We are not the size of Amazon or companies like Boosted, who raised hundreds of millions of investment capital to provide a crazy return policy – Which has shut down as of 2020. We have an entire team of real people working behind the scenes, trying to serve every single inquiry and question. We stock spare parts and components to ensure all riders’ needs are taken care of. We are in here for the long run, as many riders can attest to. Your satisfaction and trust are extremely important to us.

How Will I Receive My Reimbursement?

We will make the reimbursement using the same means of payment as you used for the initial transaction unless you have expressly agreed otherwise; in any event, you will not incur any fees as a result of the reimbursement except as described above.