How to Make a USB Car Charger

How to Make a USB Car Charger

In this video we're going to show you how to make a premium car charger. We will show you the Asiwo C09S three-port car charger as an example.

There are four parts to making a car charger: the plastic shell, aluminum alloy shell, the circuit board, and finally the assembly of all parts.
Make a Car Charger

First Part is Plastic shell production

The first step is to prepare the raw materials, ABS + PC, and then add a certain proportion of toner. The toner gives the plastic the desired color. In this case, black.
In the second step, all the raw materials are poured into a blender and stirred evenly.

Make USB Car Charger - Prepare the raw materials

In the third step, the injection molding machine is preheated for 2 hours, after which mix is poured into the machine.

In the fourth step, the machine runs automatically. The pieces are produced in a matter of minutes.
Make USB Car Charger - Plastic covers are produced
For the fifth step, we use laser engraving technology to create the logo. Radium laser engraving is a surface treatment process which uses a laser to etch the desired graphics and text. This technology is also used on Apple series products.

Make USB Car Charger - Laser engraving LOGO

<h2 >The Second Part is Making Aluminum Alloy which has the 3 ports.

The aluminum raw material is cut into individual aluminum blocks, and
three USB ports of the same size are cut into the block using a CNC machine. Next, the surface is polished.

Then, a hole is drilled for the indicator light.
After drilling the indicator hole, small aluminum ring is polished again in a tumbler. The next step is sandblasting.
Then, the USB port is polished one more time.
Make USB Car Charger - Polished and sandblasting make car charger become more beautiful
Now it is time for anodization. This is a process of coloring the aluminum parts. This process involves dipping the part into a chemical bath that reacts with the surface of the aluminum to make the products more beautiful. Finally, the part is hung up to dry, and, after that, a quality inspection is done.

Make USB Car Charger - Quality inspection is done

Part Three is Making Circuit Board PCBA

After introducing the plastic shell and aluminum alloy shell, it's time for the most critical part, the printed circuit board, commonly called the PCB. This includes Board A and Board B.
This part is completed by Panasonic's fully automatic SMT production system. The first step is to brush the solder paste on the PCB board.

Make USB Car Charger - Brush the solder paster on the PCB board
In the second step, the board will automatically enter the next IC circuit board. This step is also a fully automated.
Once completed, the board goes into reflow soldering.
Make USB Car Charger - Reflow Soldering Boards
Next, the PCB-A board comes out of the machine and the mounting of the PCBA board is completed. After the A and B boards of the IC patch are completed, the two boards still need to be processed again in order to realize the function of the circuit board.

B board

  1. Here, three USB ports are connected to each small board. These three USB ports are what can be used to connect different devices.
    Make USB Car Charger - Three USB ports are connected to each small board
  2. Then the B board enters the wave soldering machine. This process is to solder the fixed components on to the inserted USB interface.

A board

A plate is welded for inductance.
After completing board A and B, the two circuit boards are soldered. Finally, the circuit is Tested.

Make USB Car Charger - Testing Boards

Part Four - Assembly of the USB Car Charger

After testing is completed, we can begin to prepare to assemble the entire 3-port car charger.

  1. First. a protective silicone sleeve is placed on each shell, so that the product will not be scratched in the next part of the production process.
  2. Next, the contacts are temporarily fixed with paper tape.
  3. The circuit board is then placed inside the housing, followed by the aluminum ring, being careful to set it in the right orientation.
    Make USB Car Charger - Assembly parts
  4. A machine is used to firmly press the entire product assembly together.
  5. <strong >After the assembly is complete, testing is performed again to make sure that each USB interface is in a normal state.
    Make USB Car Charger - Testing again
  6. For each product that is tested, 4 hours of real life user simulation are performed to ensure that there will be no quality problems after the product is sold.
    Make USB Car Charger - 4 hours of real life user simulation are performed
  7. After 4 hours of testing, qualified products can prepared for packaging.
  8. Before packaging, we first take off the protective cover on the product, check the surface, and put the product into the box.
    Make USB Car Charger - Package

This is an entire production process of the three-port car charger, C09S with current limiting safety function.
3-Port USB Car Charger