Hoverboard Reviews - Asiwo All Terrain Self-Balancing Scooter Review

Hoverboard Reviews - Asiwo All Terrain Self-Balancing Scooter Review

Asiwo All Terrain Hoverboard Review – Hoverboard is become a global trendsetter from 2013. And from then, there are many different types of hoverboards available on the market. Today we will introduce one popular patent hoverboard. Unlike other hoverboards, The Asiwo All Terrain Hoverboard are very strong in metal components, unique in their performance, style and functions.
This two wheels self-balancing electric scooter was launched in 2016 earlier, In prelaunch of the balancing scooter numerous consumer were started to order online and offline, this is the basic success of this hoverboard, the Asiwo all terrain hoverboard is a complete best off-road hoverboard.
The magnificent style, rugged strong body carved, aluminum chases, with huge tires makes the hoverboard look like a beast and you will know everything about Asiwo all terrain hoverboard in this review.

Riding the hoverboard for testing and see how this hoverboard rides smoothly.

Bluetooth Surround Sound
Bluetooth connectivity, high-quality surround audio, let you enjoy extraordinary music.
Hoverboard Reviews - Bluetooth Surround Sound  

Safety Design. Safer for Adults or Children.
The built-in sensor of the pedal automatically detects the weight. When the user who weigh less than 40kg, hoverboard will automatically decelerate. For those who weigh less than 20kg, the hoverboard will automatically report the error and limit the riding. The safety protection is more effective.
Hoverboard Reviews - Safe Sensor 
Fashion LED Lights - Safe for Riding
The headlights are designed with the most popular white LED lighting effects. The rear lights simulate the design of the rear light of the car. During the riding, the light will change along with the riding, this is more safer when riding in the dark.
Hoverboard Reviews - Fashion LED Lights - Safe for Riding 

Safe is All - Intelligent deceleration alarm system
The new intelligent CPU chip can automatically start the alarm and slow down when the motor input rate is greatly increased, escort you anytime, anywhere.
This Hoverboard has undergone very tough test in all departments like electrical system, components, metals and wiring passed in each and every category with flying colors and certified by UL 2272 means that all parts of the balancing scooter are completely safe, doesn’t catch fire or won’t overheat or produce smoke at any situation, It is completely safe and secure.

Hoverboard Reviews - Intelligent deceleration alarm system 

Aggressive Off Road Tires - 8.5” Bigger Solid Tires
High-quality natural rubber tires, imported alloy wheel frame overpower configuration, non-slip and more power grip, more stable balance, easy to control all kinds of potholes.
Hoverboard Reviews - Aggressive Off Road Tires 

High Power Dual Motors
2x more powerful 400W dual motors fulfill the need for speed, acceleration and drifting.
Hoverboard Reviews - High Power Dual Motors 

First, of its kind in the hoverboard industry, The Asiwo all terrain hoverboard has the power to handle more than 260 lbs. Riders who are above average weight 200 - 26 lbs can easily cruise in this balancing scooter without any lack of speed.  
The two pair of metal guard made up of high resistant steel is to protect the riders at each corner of the foot platform, It ensures safety not only for the hoverboard but also the riders. Basically, it’s an off-road electric scooter keeping in that mind the inventors had implemented this feature to avoid getting hit scratch from great obstacles like stones, rock, concrete etc.
The lithium-ion battery is protected with the superior quality of sentry shield. Generally, if you charge other balancing wheels, you have to wait for more than 4-5 hours but in this Asiwo all terrain hoverboard is completely different, this hoverboard charges fully in 2-3 hours, So you no need to worry or wait for your next fun ride.
Hoverboard Reviews - Technology 

Hoverboard Parts Details
Know more about your Hoverboard, protect your travel safety.
Hoverboard Reviews - All Terrain Hoverboard Parts Details 

Five Advantages of Asiwo All Terrain Hoverboard
1. Built-in Bluetooth + high quality audio
2. Front double lights + Safe Rear LED lights
3. 8.5-inch off-road tires for enhanced road adaptability
4. Large-capacity safety battery 154WH, battery life is about 15KM
5.800W dual motor powerful power, maximum climbing 15°

 Asiwo All Terrain Hoverboard