Best All Terrain Hoverboard for Sale - Top 6 Off Road Self Balancing Scooters

Best All Terrain Hoverboard for Sale - Top 6 Off Road Self Balancing Scooters

Hoverboard becomes more and more popular now. Hoverboards first hit the market with a bang in 2015, then these 2-wheel self balancing scooters became the hottest product and got most attention. Because of some inferior quality models with cheap batteries, the hoverboards have some problems in the early days. But now the two wheel balancing hoverboads have gone from strength to strength since then. In 2016 Underwriter Laboratories introduced the UL 2272 hoverboard certification, so hoverboards are now safer and higher quality than ever.
As technology improved, the hoverboard also be advanced to the higher stage. The traditional hoverboards that first came on the market were only suitable for smoother pavement, but now, we have all terrain hoverboards that can travel over glass, puddles, sand, dirt, and more. Let’s discussing the best All Terrain hoverboard available now, i will show you top 6 off road self balancing scooters today.

Top 6 All Terrain Hoverboards 2018
Top 6 All Terrain Hoverboards 2018 
#1 Asiwo All Terrain Hoverboard
The Asiwo all terrain hoverboard has 400W Dual Motors. All-terrain design let’s you easily travel over puddles, sand, dirt, and grass. It can handle nearly any terrain and comes complete with super solid wheels and lots of fun features. If you are looking for fashion-forward, incredibly fun and up to date gift for someone special? This hoverboard has you covered! With its large 8.5 Inch Alloy Wheels, Asiwo two-wheel off road self balancing scooter is the best gift for teen, and adults for all occasions including Birthday, New Years, Christmas. Valentine’s Day, or simply as a fun “Just Because” gift for someone special.

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Asiwo All Terrain Hoverboard

Asiwo Features & Specs
Max speed: 10 mph
Charge time: 2.5 hrs
Battery life: 10 miles
Weight: 32 lbs
LED lights: Yes
LED directionals: Yes
Bluetooth speakers: Yes
Training Modes: Normal, Beginners & Advanced
Max Weight: 265lbs
Battery: LG 18650 5C 36V/4.3Ah
Adapter: DC 42V/2A (UL, CE, RoHS, FCC)

Here's a short video of the Asiwo All Terrain Hoverboard in action :


Why choose Asiwo All Terrain:

Bigger & Better More Power Size Matters

Bigger & Better

More foot space, more stable ride and more control from this sophisticated board than others.

More Power

2x more powerful 400W dual motors fulfill the need for speed, acceleration and drifting.

Size Matters

With wheels built for maximum performance, The Hoverboard can go where no board has gone before.

Go Safer Go Higher Go Anywhere

Go Safer

UL 2272 certification ensures a safe ride with no risks of overheating, or short circuiting.

Go Higher

Reach new heights with this Hoverboard and its ability to power through slopes over 18°.

Go Anywhere

All-terrain design lets you easily travel over puddles, sand, dirt, and grass.

#2 Epikgo Hoverboard
The Epikgo is most suited to someone looking for a slightly lighter off road hoverboard (this is lighter than the others) and isn’t bothered by the lack of bluetooth.
Epikgo Specs & Features
Epikgo Hoverboard Weight capacity: 44lbs – 260 lbs
400W dual motors
IP56 waterproof certified
Max speed: 10mph
Charge time: 1-2 hours
Battery life: 10-12 miles
Weight: 26 lbs
LED lights: Yes
Bluetooth integrated: No
UL 2272 certified: Yes
Aluminum alloy body is strong and durable

#3 Swagtron T6
Swagtron T6 Swagtron T6 Specs & Features
350W dual motors
Range: 10-12 miles
Max Weight: 380lbs
Max Speed: 12 mph
Charge Time: 2-3 hours
LED Lights: Yes
Weight: 30.55lbs
Warranty: One year
Bluetooth speakers: Yes
IOs and Android App: Yes

#4 Segway Minipro
Segway Minipro Segway Minipro Specs & Features
Max Speed: 10-12 mph
Motor 800W
Weight: 28 lbs
Range: 14 miles
Charge Time: 4 hours
Height: Variable from 3′ 11″ to 6′ 6”
Water Resistant: Yes
Tire Size: 10.5″
LED lights In Front and Back: Yes
Bluetooth Speakers: Yes
Remote Control Included: Yes

Where to buy all terrain hoverboard?
Most of all terrain hoverboards are available on, some also have their own website, such as Asiwo All Terrain Hoverboard, now you can use discount code Asiwo25off to get an extra 25% Off any purchase on Asiwo website.
Where to buy all terrain hoverboard